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Welcome to The Faculty of Medical Sciences, The UWI

Research Discussion Forum

The establishment of a Research Discussion Forum by the Caribbean Centre for Health Systems Research and Development (CCHSRD) was identified as a primary strategy to strengthen research at the Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS), The UWI, St. Augustine in a paper submitted to the Faculty Executive Committee in 2020.

The Research Discussion Forum will be used as an online platform through which many of the Centre’s research strengthening activities will be communicated and facilitated.

The main objectives of the FMS Research Discussion Forum are to:


  1. Facilitate and encourage discourse among FMS staff, on research-related topics, geared towards peer-to-peer support related to the exchange of ideas and identification of solutions.

  2. Provide a platform that can be used for the dissemination of opportunities related to funding, training, and collaborative research projects.

  3. Foster collaboration among researchers from the different Schools and Departments at the FMS.

  4. Contribute to the strengthening of the research culture at the FMS.




Caribbean Centre for Health Systems Research and Development

2nd Floor, Sir George Alleyne Building

University of the West Indies

25A Warner Street, St Augustine

Trinidad, W.I.

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